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PiaNupe Wildlife Reserve, Karamoja

Walter Dalrymple Maitland Bell, or "Karamojo" Bell, is widely regarded as the greatest hunter of them all. His travels and hunting exploits, particularly amongst elephant, in the Karamoja region of Uganda in the early 1900's are well documented. Karimojong Overland Safaris are pleased to announce that responsible hunting in the Karamoja is a reality once again, after a break of some 45 years. The concession is the PiaNupe Wildlife Reserve in southern Karamoja, 2,500 km2 (620,000 acres) in the shadow of one of East Africa's great mountains, Mt. Elgon. Karimojong Overland Safaris have exclusive management rights for 25 years. After 3 trial seasons where populations of game were assessed and evaluated, with limited hunting, 2014 was the first year a full season took place. The quality of trophies, the diversity of species available and history of the region combine to give the PiaNupe the potential to become a premier destination for all serious trophy hunters of African game once again. Karimojong Overland Safaris are committed long term to the development of the southern Karamoja region in general and PiaNupe Wildlife Reserve specifically, through strong community participation and sustainable utilization of all natural resources within the region.

General Information.


Karimojong Overland Safaris have developed a delightful little camp near the Uganda Wildlife Authority station at Moruajore. The camp is permanent tented in design with 4 guest chalets on raised wooden decks. The chalets have en suite bathroom facilities with hot and cold water. Situated centrally within the reserve, most of the hunting takes place within two hour's drive from camp.


Uganda is easily accessible via several air routes, from Europe there are several options: KLM, Brussels Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, etc. From the USA, Delta/KLM via Amsterdam, or Ethiopian Airlines via Addia Ababa, or alternatively, South African Airlines via Johannesburg.
Air arrival is through the international airport at Entebbe, an hour drive from Kampala, Uganda's main city. Depending on arrival and departure time, it is often necessary to overnight in either Entebbe or Kampala.

Visas & Vaccines

All visitors under the age of 60 must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Visas can be easily purchased on arrival for $50 or $100 depending on nationality. Visas can also be applied for online at Uganda E-Immigration System. The online visa application requires a yellow fever certificate and a recent passport photograph.


Uganda does not have defined hot and cold seasons, being on the equator. There are two wet seasons - April to July and September to November. Temperatures between January and May, the hunting season range from minimums of 65°F (17°C) maximums of 100°F (38°C).


Roads - PiaNupe is a 9 to 11 hour drive from Entebbe, the international airport, depending on traffic around Kampala.
Charter air - To be recommended given the long road travel times. Rates are comparable to most East African Countries
Mobile Phone and Internet Sevice - Overall country wide coverage is good, via several network providers, with either 2G or 3G internet.
We do provide WiFi in camp in the evenings.

Hunting Information.


A temporary firearm import permit is applied for and issued before arrival in Uganda. We need an official certificate of ownership, passport copy, full flight details and information of the firearm to apply for the permit. This information is also needed to apply for a hunting permit.
Recommended calibers for all species OTHER than buffalo are any of the .300s and 7mms. For buffalo the minimum legal caliber is 375. For the smaller species of plains game (oribi, dik dik) it is necessary to bring some solid rounds in whatever caliber your plains game rifle may be. PLEASE bring Barnes TSX, Swift A Frame or Trophy Bear Claw ammunition.


PiaNupe is mostly flat, open country. Expect shots on plains game from a minimum of 100 yds out to 300 yds. The country is quite rough underfoot, particularly where burning has taken place which occurs in most safari areas of Uganda. Buffalo hunting is variable with some open plains areas where shots may be out to 150 yds, but more commonly expect heavier country and shots from 50 yds to 100 yds.


Karamoja holds good populations of these endemic primary species:
Nile Buffalo, Jackson's Hartebeest, Defassa Waterbuck, East African Eland, Sudan Roan , Eastern Bohor Reedbuck, Chanler's Mountain Reedbuck, East African Oribi and Guenther's Dik-dik.
East African Sitatunga and Nile Bushbuck occur in healthy numbers where suitable habitat occurs. Leopard are available on a problem animal basis, these occur frequently through the year. Other species that occur in the reserve are klipspringer, warthog, bushpig, cheetah (not hunted), East African Duiker, Topi (not hunted yet), Spotted Hyena, Olive Baboon and Patas (Savanna) Monkey.


A relatively new concept in Uganda, trophy hunting has only been allowed since 2009, when the opening of several areas to hunting occurred. As such, the UWA in conjunction with the concessionaires are still molding the industry on the basis of sustainable utilization with participation from communities in and around the hunting blocks. In our case in the PiaNupe the local tribe, the Karimojong people, are already benefiting from this partnership through the introduction of community projects financed by trophy fees generated from hunting. There has been a dramatic drop in poaching incidents since the arrival of Karimojong Overland Safaris in the region.





Map Showing The location of the Pianupe in relation to the rest of Uganda


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